Of course, our initial advice would be to come to us for advice before you decide on the course of action which could result in tribunal papers landing on your desk.

However, as we all know sometimes, even with the best of intentions, businesses can find themselves in a sticky (and expensive) situation. When it comes to urgent legal matters, we offer practical services and expert support to help you navigate such challenges.

Support from Expert Legal Counsel

As much as no business wants to consider the possibility of legal action or other disputes, it’s worth knowing that, if the proverbial s**t hits the fan, there’s someone in your corner. Together with our trusted and recommended employment law barrister, we are on hand to support and guide your business through employment tribunals and other similar challenges.

We have valuable inside knowledge of employment law and experience in getting businesses out of difficult situations. We can even step in and represent you if you find employee-related situations uncomfortable.

If your business needs help, please get in touch with the expert Streetwise HR team today on 01202 143555.

Settlement Agreements & Employment Tribunals
Settlement Agreements & Employment Tribunals

When is it Time to Settle?

No-one’s intention is to end an employment relationship on bad terms, however all good things must come to an end and sometimes this will involve a settlement agreement, which can reduce time, cost, negativity for both parties and any risk of a Tribunal is mitigated.

We can agree terms with both yourself and the employee, acting as a mediator, which we then turn into a legally binding draft settlement agreement. We are then able to liaise with the employee’s legal advisor to finalise terms and get the signed agreement over the line.

How Much Does Legal Support For Employment Tribunals Cost?

Every employment tribunal case is different, so our fees will vary. As soon as we have a clearer understanding of your case, we can set a fixed fee, so you’ll know where you are every step of the way. We also offer staged payment options, so please feel free to discuss this with us when you make your initial enquiry.

For more information, please contact Streetwise HR today on 01202 143555.

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