Premium level support and advice

Don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives, the cookie-cutter and automated approach doesn’t wash with us. Instead, we pride ourselves on delivering a top-tier service, without the exorbitant price tag. We also like to think we are pretty nice people, so along with the best advice, you’ll get to talk to some amazing human beings!

Immersive experience

No we’re not going to smack you over the head with a tribunal book and take you through a mock disciplinary. But what we will do, if you allow us, is to immerse ourselves in your business and culture. This means that our advice is always super tailored to your structure, branding and people, and aligns with your values. You’re welcome!

Service delivery  

Whilst we may be a nation of ‘queuers’, nobody likes to be kept waiting, or worse still ‘ghosted’! Here at Streetwise HR we can’t stand a full inbox or voicemail box, so we do our utmost to have the very best service delivery times possible and it’s proudly something a lot of our clients make positive comments about. There is a reason why we have long-term relationships with our clients, don’t take our word for it…ask them!

Action heroes

Where other consultants may say ‘yes, we may have capacity for that in four weeks’ time’ or ‘we can certainly meet the first few objectives then we will need to review’ we say ‘hold our beers…or actually more likely gin & tonics!’ and follow through with our proactive approach to getting s*** done. 


Our tag line is – straight talking – and whilst that’s how we operate it is absolutely a two-way street and there’s pretty much no un-PC, sweary, shocking comment we haven’t come across. We understand dealing with people is an all too emotional and personal thing. And whilst we’re at it, our breadth of experience means we’ve also come across pretty much most people situations; sex in the sauna at a gym, office colleagues stalking each other outside of work, flatulence warfare in a warehouse…the list truly is endless, so c’mon give it your best shot to shock us. 

What are you waiting for, if you need some HR support and value everything above, and let’s be honest why blooming well wouldn’t you?! Contact the amazing expert team at Streetwise HR now!

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