Debbie is really easy to work with and we love the manner in which she approaches both the mundane and also the more complex HR issues. She has been instrumental to Inspire in recent years and I love working with her. The time has come for Inspire to take HR in-house but we will continue to work with Debbie as we build Evolve, a new venture, and highly recommend her regularly.

Warren Munson, Owner and Managing Director of Azets ( previously Inspire )


When Warren Munson, MD, brought Streetwise HR on board in 2014 he needed industry-leading HR support, but without the expense of a full-time, in-house resource. He had envisioned an internal culture for his business around ‘Essence, Spirit and Beliefs’ and wanted to really embed these values throughout Inspire Financial Services. This was a Culture Central issue. Suffice to say Debbie Cohen, MD, took the challenge on, and what a journey it’s been…


Streetwise HR was welcomed into the Inspire team from the outset, and quickly got to work alongside to integrate Inspire’s ‘Essence, Spirit and Beliefs’ into its internal culture. This meant so much more than pinning up slogans and posters; it meant understanding what each value meant to Inspire and integrating them into every corner of the business, as well as ensuring each member of the team continues to live and breathe them.

Debbie reevaluated the way Inspire recruited, appraised and rewarded its people. Working closely with Warren, she evolved the business’ people processes according to Inspire’s values. This has led to happier, more motivated staff, with much higher retention rates. It also supports the steady and consistent recruitment of likeminded professionals for further growth. Initially, Streetwise HR focused on defining employee roles and responsibilities in line with Inspire’s values, creating job specs for each role, from the ground up. And because contracts are fundamentally all about people, they built in a more human perspective – an unusual move, but it’s something that is very close to Warren’s heart. Debbie flipped the traditional appraisal process on its head to focus on the values rather than the skills and every engagement activity she undertook, she embodied ‘Essence, Spirit and Beliefs’, leading by example.

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