As a result of getting Debbie on board, we have tripled our profits, we are much more efficient … I couldn’t run my business without her by my side. She’s given me the support and confidence to take my business to the next level.

Darren Mooney, Founder & Creative Director, The Global Group


Whilst Global has spent 18 years enviably creating for their clients, the business was not very efficient. The directors felt that their systems and processes were lacking; they were struggling with managing the business and suffering from inevitable miscommunication issues. Entitled the ‘Global Adventure’ the board had captured the essence for its business purpose and values, but felt it needed to embed a new culture throughout the organization. However, there was so much more to it than just that...


Darren Mooney, Founder & Creative Director of the Global Group asked Debbie Cohen, from Streetwise HR to sit on their advisory board to help them align their human resource strategies with their business plans for growth. He recognized that getting to grips in the Financial District was essential if he wanted to get Global to the next level of growth.

Debbie evaluated the business from its structure and management, its staffing and recruitment right through to its mechanics and culture. Then, knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day, Debbie set out ‘mission control’. As an outsider to the business, she was able to objectively look at the plans for growth and consider the skills of the board and the roles within the senior team. Phase one included a defining of their ‘True North’, then the resulting business objectives and a restructure of effective responsibilities.

Having previously used Streetwise HR for their HR compliance issues, Global had strong HR foundations, but the structure of the business was weak and as the business grew, the chances of a wobble became more evident. The board agreed they needed to create some key positions within the leadership team that would ultimately improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the operations. Defining roles and responsibilities throughout the business ensured that all areas of delivery were taken into consideration. This has resulted in a robust reporting system and the “Global Accountability Promise”.

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